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Products which may be purchased from the Site are available for sale and distribution to customers in Canada and the continental United States (excluding Alaska) only. UGGScarves attempts to be as accurate as possible in describing all Products available for sale and/or distribution by UGGScarves. However, UGGScarves does not warrant that Product descriptions or other content of the Site are accurate, complete, reliable, current or error-free. Please note that because the colours of the Products you see will depend on your monitor, UGGScarves cannot guarantee that your monitor will display the exact actual colour of a Product displayed.

The availability of certain Products may be limited, and Products may not be available for immediate sale. UGGScarves may revise or cease to make available any Products at any time without prior notice. In the event that UGGScarves is unable to deliver to you a Product ordered due to lack of availability, UGGScarves will notify you via e-mail and your order will be automatically cancelled with respect to such unavailable Product, provided that UGGScarves may, in its sole discretion, contact you in order to allow you to maintain your order subject to a revised delivery time if and when the Product becomes available.


Product orders can be paid using the methods of payment set forth in Section 11. Depending on the method of payment selected, the order process may vary. Before submitting an order for the purchase of Products using the Visa, MasterCard, American Express or PayPal payment methods, you will be shown an order confirmation screen (the “Order Confirmation”) describing, among other things, the Product(s) to be ordered, the purchase price and any applicable charges for shipping and taxes. When you submit your order (by pressing the “Place Order” button), such order will constitute an offer from you to UGGScarves to purchase the Product(s) described in the Order Confirmation, for the price and subject to the other charges, terms and conditions set out in the Order Confirmation. When using the Apple Pay method of payment, you will be redirected to an Apple Pay screen describing your credit card information, shipping address, contact information and the purchase price and any applicable charges for shipping and taxes. When you submit your order (by using Apple Touch ID, Face ID or double-clicking Apple Watch), such order will constitute an offer from you to UGGScarves to purchase the Product(s) described in the Order Confirmation, for the price and subject to the other charges, terms and conditions set out in the Order Confirmation. Orders are not binding on UGGScarves until accepted by UGGScarves. UGGScarves’s acceptance of your order is evidenced by return e-mail from UGGScarves indicating that your order has been accepted.


Customer orders for Products for delivery to the continental United States (other than Alaska) shall be limited to a maximum of CAN$800.00 per day. United States orders shall be exempt from payment of Canadian federal goods and services taxes and any applicable provincial sales taxes, and other Canadian taxes and duties associated with a Product order.


All prices and Product orders are quoted and shall be processed in Canadian dollars. Although UGGScarves strives to provide accurate Product and pricing information, errors may occur. UGGScarves reserves the right to correct any errors in pricing or Product information and to modify the prices of Products, at any time, without prior notice. UGGScarves cannot confirm the price of a Product until after you submit an order for the Product. In the event that the price or related information for a Product (as described on the Site and/or the Order Confirmation) is incorrect due to an error in pricing or product information, UGGScarves may, at its sole discretion, refuse or cancel your order, whether before or after UGGScarves’s acceptance thereof. If there is such an error in pricing, UGGScarves will cancel your order and reverse any charges that have been applied, then contact you to ask you to place a new order for the Product at the correct price.


You hereby consent to the exchange of information and documents between you and UGGScarves over the Internet or by e-mail, and you agree that the Terms, together with any applicable Order Confirmation(s) accepted by UGGScarves in electronic form shall be the equivalent of an original written paper agreement between us. You further agree that all agreements, notices, disclosures and other communications that we may provide to you electronically satisfy any legal requirement that such communications be in writing.


UGGScarves reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to limit quantities, terminate accounts and to refuse or cancel any order, including after the order has been submitted, whether or not the order has been confirmed or accepted and whether or not your credit card, Gift Card (as defined below) or PayPal or Apple Pay account has been charged. In the event that your order is cancelled after your payment has been processed, UGGScarves will issue a full refund.

In particular, and without limiting the generality of the foregoing, UGGScarves may refuse to accept any order for any reason, including if fraudulent activity is suspected. UGGScarves may refuse to process subsequent orders from customers with a previous fraudulent order history. UGGScarves may also refuse any orders connected with a previous credit card dispute.

UGGScarves may also require additional verifications or information before accepting any order. UGGScarves will contact you if all or any portion of your order is rejected after your order has been placed or if additional information is required to accept your order.


Terms of payment for any Products purchased through the Site shall be determined at UGGScarves’s sole discretion. Payment shall be made by any one of the payment methods available on the Site, which are subject to change without prior notice. Currently, acceptable payment methods include Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal, and Apple Pay. An electronic or physical card (each a “Gift Card”) issued by UGGScarves is also acceptable, up to a maximum of five Gift Cards per order. If payment is made by credit card, PayPal or Apple Pay, the amount of the purchase will only be charged upon shipment; however, UGGScarves will obtain authorization from the bank which issued the credit card or from PayPal or Apple Pay at the time the order is placed in order to ensure there are sufficient funds for the purchase. If payment is made in whole or in part by Gift Card, the amount of the purchase will be charged (i.e. deducted from the value of the Gift Card) immediately upon receipt of the order.


UGGScarves will ship the Product(s) ordered by you according to the delivery method you have chosen and to the address indicated in the Order Confirmation. Delivery times provided by UGGScarves are estimates only. UGGScarves shall not be responsible for any damages or costs resulting from any delays in delivery.

Unless otherwise stated, all Product prices quoted do not include shipping and handling charges and applicable federal, state and provincial sales taxes. Separate charges for shipping and handling and taxes will be shown on the Order Confirmation for each order, as applicable. Canadian customers shall be responsible for all sales, use, goods and services, harmonized sales, and other taxes and duties associated with the order. United States orders shall be exempt from payment of Canadian federal goods and services taxes and any applicable provincial sales taxes, and other Canadian taxes and duties associated with a Product order. However, United States customers are responsible for all sales, use, and any other taxes and duties imposed by any state or jurisdiction in the United States, associated with their order.


All Product(s) purchased from UGGScarves are delivered to you by a third party delivery company, pursuant to a shipping contract. You shall become the owner of the Product(s) and shall assume the risks of loss at the time of delivery by UGGScarves of the Product(s) to the third party delivery company.


All Product returns are subject to UGGScarves Returns Policy, the terms of which are incorporated herein by reference. Some restrictions may apply.