Scarves from UGGSCARVES are the perfect way to accessorize—in style. Shop fun styles like infinity, square and floral scarves to make your outfit a little warmer and a lot cuter.
Small scarf, big personality
Make way for small, colorful formats, they'll heat up your look and help you brave the cold.
As the seasons pass, their timeless elegance endures, eternally elevating your style.
Silk-Cotton Bandanas
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Each and every women’s scarf embodies a balance of modern elegance and influence from the heritage of UGGScarves, allowing today’s woman to wrap herself in emblematic style

Our Designer Collection


Express your style through unique and beautiful quality scarves pashminas and wraps – the timeless fashion accessory.

Complete cold-weather outfits with a blanket scarf in the season’s favorite plaids & patterns.

Scarves, silk scarves & neckerchiefs make a stylish accessory & a chic addition to women’s winter wardrobes. Check out to find the latest in scarf fashion, from a knit scarf, silk scarf & fringed cashmere scarf to an oversized blanket scarf that boosts style & cozy. Brighten up dresses or date night outfits with a luxe, cashmere-blend scarf with a vibrant floral pattern. A large wrap-scarf in a soft, chiffon-like fabric looks super-trendy & makes a versatile accessory that doubles as a cover-up, a drape or even a sarong with your beach outfit. Keep things casual & comfy with a wool scarf in a colorblock pattern or a windowpane plaid pattern or add a touch of festive flair with a paisley-print scarf with tassel detailing. Mix & match outfits with large scarves, embroidered cashmere scarves or a printed blanket scarf that wraps you up like a warm cloud. Try different silhouettes or pairing it up with different accessories to find the drape that works best for you. Give your outfit a retro twist by wearing an oblong silk scarf like a bandana or a headwrap or glam up a casual midi dress by pairing it with a pashmina scarf. Make a loose knot at the neck with a square scarf or style a knitted scarf like a shawl—so many ways to make a chic winter statement.