Product Care



Washing: Dry clean is the best. Careful handwash in cold water will be good too.
Silks and silk blends have tender nature, like all the natural fabrics. Pulling it too hard or making too tight knots can damage the scarf.

Chains (on chokers) are pretty strong, they are high quality metal chains. Still, please, wear them gently, don’t pull them on purpose.
Water can damage the colors of chains and all metal parts, especially salty or high chlorine water. Please keep jewelry away from water, or dry it fast, if it got wet.



All the scarves are professionally manufactured. They have high quality double side printing and machine hem. (I personally love machine hem more than hand hem, looks more neat for me.) Designs of all the scarves – are my paintings. Many-many hours of detailed work and a lot of deep philosophical/spiritual meaning and love in each painting. I mostly do digital painting, but some designs have my watercolor paintings printed on them. (I photograph my watercolor elements and then make compositions from them in Photoshop for the scarf designs.)

All the jewelry items are fully handcrafted. On photos you see prototypes of the designs. So you will get the design you purchase, but not exactly the item you see in catalog. You’ll get this design in custom repeat specially for you. 

If you bought item with crystals or baroque pearls:
Every crystal is unique, there is no two same ones in the world like there is no two same people or clouds.  You will get your special creation with unique crystals, my love and intuitive feeling of how I think you might like this piece the most.

Thank you for your order and enjoy your special creation!