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Overiszed Scarf, Shawl for Men, Large Blanket, Pure Wool Certified Shawl, Soft Meditation Shawl, Millenium Kashgari by Dhariwal. Unisex

155.00 CAD

  • Size 2.75 Meters x 1.35 Meters, Weight 1 Kg, Color: Taupe
  • 100% Pure Australian Merino Wool and Made in India
  • Complimenatry Gift Box Packaging
  • This meditation shawl comes from Dhariwal in northern India. Dhariwal is located in the reach of the region Kashmir and the extension of the Himalaya, where the production of wool and the fabrication of shawls has been a tradition for many centuries.
  • This Shawl / Scarf also comes with a pure wool mark so that you can be assured with the quality of the product.
  • This large wool pure hawl is a versatile and stylish accessory for men & women and adds an extra layer of warmth and provides much need serenity.
  • WRAP YOURSELF IN SERENITY. Our meditation shawl is larger than a twin-size mattress, measuring 8′ long and 4′ wide. It drapes your full body as you sit to meditate or lie down for yoga savanna without leaving any bare limbs hanging out.
  • Care: As with all shawls of great softness, this generous meditation blanket does not like excessive friction. To avoid pilling, it is best, when traveling, to keep it in a small sleeve/slip cover to prevent unnecessary frictions. Dry clean recommended