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Om Shanti Crafts Meditation Shawl or Blanket, Exotic Shawl/Wrap, Oversize Scarf or Stole. Unisex

73.49 CAD

  • VERSATILE. Our meditation blankets are cozy and warm, yet lightweight enough to keep you alert during your meditation. Don’t meditate? Our shawls can also be worn as a large scarf. Or used as a throw blanket to accent your home. Wall tapestry. Travel blanket. Your imagination is the limit.
  • SIZE MATTERS. Our meditation shawls are large enough to cover the surface of a twin-size mattress, measuring 7’ long and 3.5’ wide. It drapes your entire body as you sit to meditate or lie down for yoga savasana, without leaving any bare limbs hanging out.
  • WE CARE. Many animals are harmed in the shearing process. Using a vegan alternative assures that no animal is mistreated in manufacturing our meditation shawls. Plus, our shawls are still warm (like wool), do not cause allergies or skin irritation, do not require special care and do not fade or lose their shape.
  • QUALITY CRAFTSMANSHIP. Our meditation shawls are made in northern India, an area known for both its master craftsmanship of textiles/garments and its spiritual pursuance.
  • UNIQUE GIFT. A thoughtful gift for any spiritual seeker, man, woman or home.
  • VEGAN WOOL. High Quality Vegan Wool. Proprietary Vegan Acrylic material.